A Partir desse Instante | trailler

A Partir desse Instante | From That Moment

From That Moment is a film about memories. It is a journey into the past, made through contact with records on super 8 films and family sound, where the main character comes into contact with her memories, the messages from her uncle Oswaldo, and revisits her history by re-signifying an episode from her childhood. This film was made during the Masters in Animation Arts at the Lusófona University in Lisbon. It is also part of the Dissertation “Memories, Family Films and Animation in the Construction of Autobiographical Stories”.

Realização, Guion, Montagem, Desenhos e Animações: Patricia Tebet

Trilha sonora original: Turi Collura

Design de Som: Ernesto Sena

Imagens super 8 : Oswaldo Perácio, Augusto Perácio e Antônio Tebet

Imagens Contemporâneas: Gabriel Tebet

Orientador: Prof Pedro Serrazina


Winner | Best Student Documentary Short Film | Vienna Indie Film Festival 2022

Winner | Finalist | Best Documentary Short | Prague International Indie Film Festival 2022

Winner | Best Experimental | Reino Unido – The Monthly Film Festival 2022


Best Experimental Short | Paris International Film Festival 2022

Best Documentary Short | Rio de janeiro World Film Festival 2022


Prêmio Nacional de Animação 2022 | Coimbra

8 and half Film Awards 2022

Sweet Film Democracy Awards 2022